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Read some of these testimonies & know that these happened through regular people & at secular work places or public places.

Jesus & His love is for everyone & will work through those who want Him, so as you read say : Yes I can do that too!

Please note that the love of Jesus(Gospel) is shared with people that get prayed for & we believe that the Holy Spirit will draw them & that we do not have to twist anyone’s arm to receive Him.

Note : We only document some testimonies as we remember and get the chance to write them down or record them. There are some seasons where we have not recorded miracles or healings,  we did not cease to heal the sick in body or in heart though, we will never stop.

September 14 2022
Some testimonies and photos from Wednesday at Showers of Blessings.
One lady had varicose veins on her leg and she has pain in that leg as well. She testified : there is almost no more veins showing and the pain is gone!
Another lady came to prayer because she had lower back pain, she immedialty tested and said her whole body was tingleling as went on her knees on the ground praising God.
One lady was walking past on the way to the gym and came for prayer because she has a problems her knee. Her pains when down as she tested her knee.
One brother could not lift his left arm because of shoulder pain and was able to lift his arms freely again!


October 11 2020

Testimony : Went out to McDonalds last night after Church with friends. As we were waiting at the table, I noticed that the one lady working the was walking a bit limp and I saw her foot was wrapped with a bandage.
So just when we needed to leave I got opportunity to talk to her, she told me she hurt her foot while wearing high heels(dangerous stuff lol).


So I got to pray and tell her feet to be healed. I asked her to test it out and she took the bandages off, she walked around and kept standing on her toes every few steps to test where the pain was she just had. So the pain went from being a 8/10 to 3/10 immediately. I prayed one more time and she said it was 100% still walking and then standing on her toes(probably also checking if she can wear high heals again lol).


August 11 2019

Testimonies.What shopping could be like?

A few days ago, we went to the Mall of the South to get a few things from different stores(shopping woooh!). First into shoe city God gave me a word about the lady at the till, her feet, knees & her back. I got to pray for her & God healed her instantly! I thought this is a good start for shopping, we went to a bookshop where God showed me this young lady struggles with her back. So when I asked her, with surprise said yes she does & that it is embarrising having this issue at such a young age. So I got to pray for her & let her look for the pain & it was completely gone! Jesus!

From there I took the kids to gets some pizza & while we ordered God showed me this guy at the counter had this head pain on the back of his head. So I commanded it to go & told him to give it 2min. When he braught our drinks 2min later he said it was completely gone. Jesus! If you always have time for Jesus to move through you, He will!


29 July 2019

Was on a date with my wife & while we were there I felt God show me our waiter gets these anxiety moments where he has fast heartbeats. I just asked about it & he explained it was true & that he gets it often. So I just got to bless him & speak peace over his life. Jesus!

Tonight we went to meet a brother who is hungry for God at Spur in the mall. We said goobye to our new friend & when we were just finished with our food. God showed me our waitress has knee problems, but especially her right knee. I got to pray for her there & God healed her instantly & put fire in her stomach so she was just saying how overwhelmed she felt. Jesus!


26 July 2019

This morning with the kids while mommy has some fun. Baught something at Game, while paying for our stuff I felt God show me where this lady had problems on the side of her stomach. When I asked her about it she told me while showing me it is exactly there on the side of her stomach! We got to pray & see it leave instantly after I asked her to look for the pain & she could not find it. I just shared some Gospel with her & she was so excited! Jesus shows up even with kids bouncing around the place! Ha! He is already there, He is just waiting for you to show up! Jesus!


25 July 2019

Paid at the till in pnp(my church 😜) and God gave me a w.o.k of the lady’s stomach having problems. When I asked her, she responded in shock “how did you know that?” Which I explained Jesus talks to me & has been around her all day. She asked about 3 times how did I know while we were talking. Prayed for her & immediately the discomfort & pain left. Love these pnp healings. So good to see God shock people 🤭😁 Jesus!


24 July 2019

Last night I went into M&B to get some capacinos for takeaway. While the waiter braught me the bill I felt God tell me this lady has chest pain frequently. So I asked her about that & she said it was true & she had been thinking about it alot. I got to just pray for her & bless her. She was just amazed at God doing this for her.

Then more & more waiters started coming out for prayer. Got to just share some Gospel with them & the last lady that came had back pain, but God didn’t just touch her back but she had fire burning in her stomach as Holy Spirit touched her & she just started freaking out with joy! The manage thanked me for doing this even. Isn’t this just awesome? It is Jesus!




28 June 2019

Just had a word of knowledge for a lady working at a till in pnp, lower back having problems & God showed me exactly where it was & she replied with surprise : exactly! Prayed for about 9 seconds. I asked her where the pain was at & she replied : “actually I just felt it before you prayed but now I can’t feel it, it must be a mind thing!” I just said ” nope ” with a smile & told her I’ll ask her about it again next time I see her & she agreed.

Pray for those in your neighbourhood, then you can keep freaking them out! 😜😁


20 May 2019

Have been experiencing cool healings the last few weeks that I didn’t post(I never post everything anyway)

Yesterday we were having a coffee at a restaurant we call the Circus & I asked the Lord about our waitress, I saw a picture of her brain effecting the rest of her body. So when I asked her just about her head she said she gets migraines than effect her body so that she can’t open her hands completely at times. She was aware that God was in this, so I prayer for her right there.

Tonight I took my wife to Spur & after getting the bill I thought to bless our waitress. But I had no clear sign yet of what I could pray about for her. But after asking her she told me she has sores in her mouth on the one side & that it was painful. After a quick prayer I asked her to check it & with great surprise to her it was feeling a lot better! When we walked out I saw she kept feeling her mouth & pressing her jaw with her fingers with amazement & she was just thanking Jesus!


11 March 2019

This morning a co-worked came to testify. Friday he came to me very concerned about his wife to be, she had a lump in her breast & it was very painful for many days. They made a doctors appointment for Saturday thinking he is going to tell them it is cancer.

He told me carlo, Im worried & I thought you could help us. So I replied, I know Who can help & He lives in me.

We prayed & went home early. His wife to be told him when he got home that the pain left & showed him the lump was gone. Jesus! They still went to the doctor & he told them there was nothing wrong.


8 February 2019

Prayed for a lady that works with me. Her back & left leg had intense pain. So prayed for her & didn’t see much change immediately. I then asked her to sit down & straighten her legs on a chair. It was about 2 & a half centimeter difference on her heels. So we prayed & it started to grow very slowly. I told her to get up & test and all her pain was gone. (We had to get back to work)

So this morning I wanted to check & then I took these photos & she just needed almost a centimeter to grow her left leg still, so that’s what we did! Now she is pain free & her legs are the same length! Jesus!


2 February 2019

Quick testimony

Just encountered a brother at our local Sasol garage again, last time I saw him he told me about the pain he had because of a spider bite he had in his neck & it had swolen much. He told me when we prayed last time he was supposed to go to the hospital the day after, but he said he wanted to believe rather & was healed without any medication. Jesus!


24 Janurary 2019

While booking a movie for our anniversary date last night I feel like I need to pray for this lady booking our tickets. So I asked her about her neck being sore and she said no. So I seemed to have missed it, but she then told me her eyes were so sore all day. So I prayed for her there & after we went walking around for 15 mins we came back & she was very thankful & her eyes was irretation & painfree.

Today I had to go collect the bakkie from being serviced @ Toyota & as we approached the lady that was helping us I felt a distinct pain in my back & know God was telling me about her. As I came back from the cashier counter & spoke to this lady again I asked her about her back & she said she had been struggling with her back & pain for the last two years. I got to pray for her there, after she looked for the pain & she said it was completely gone!


19 January 2019

Just went to kids party at spur. While walkin in from kids play area into the building I hear the one manager say her head pains so much from behind her eye. I started slowing down to stand still and turning around I see this lady holding her eye. So I tell her, someome shoud pray for you. (Implying me😉)

So asked her if I could pray quick and she let me. Prayed for about 15 seconds. I asked her how does it feel now? She looked at me weird & started bending over expecting this pain to start again because she then explained it realy hurt before when she did that but it was now completely gone! Jesus just healed her instantly! Yeah! She was shocked & very thankful at the same time.


20 December 2018

Home affairs fun!

Was at home afairs for about 4 hours yesterday (finally being obedient to get traveling documents together). Waiting in line for so long outside to inside the building & feeling the frustration on people.

I asked God show me someone to minister to & lift up some spirits. I got called to a counter & as I sat down I felt God tug at my one foot. So I knew this is for this lady behind the counter. I asked her about this foot & she was amazed telling me this one foot is larger than her other foot since she was 4 years old. So I just had some words from Gods heart toward her & prayer with her there(she was already born again). This makes being at home affairs so much more fun! I recommend it!


26 October 2018

Just last night I drove to give some homeless guys some food & on my way back home saw a lady walking home after doing car guard duty all day from about 7am to 7:20pm! I gave her a lift home & she told me her feet hurts from standing and also a spider bite on one foot. We got to her house gate, I got to just put one hand on her foot (with the spider bite) & bring healing.

Today as I went to the shops she saw me & stopped me(while looking for parking) just to tell me that her feet feels so much better & she could have a normal day(all day on her feet). Wow Jesus!


27 August 2018

Cool experience with a word of knowledge.

I believe we are always learning with Holy Spirit & His ways of doing things.

I stopped at the Harrysmith- Bergview one stop to get some coffee & snack for my family & I as we are coming back from holiday. I went into the caffe & started making coffee. A lady that works there greeted me & was warming up her lunch. I though to myself, maybe God wants to heal someone here tonight(because I love to see the sick healed). So I just put faith behind the thought & felt something go through my neck to my head & it stayed there, but it was a very faint fealing( not like a very obvious twitch or pain for an example) so that tells me I am gonna have to dig deeper to get the answer to what this is.

I asked the lady how she was feeling & if she had any problems with flu cauzing pressure in her head. She said no, so I said well it’s probably someone here(there was just one more lady working at the till). We asked the other lady and she said she was fine( although they asked for prayer for other things anyway). I proceeded to pay for my stuff & then came in a lady to buy Med-lemon for her head. This lady works there too, just in one of the closeby restuarants. So the 1st lady I spoke to hears this & immediatly says omw its this lady! So boom! Got to pray for her & she just felt God all over her & her pain in her head cleared. Jesus!

Sometimes it just takes some seeking & not just thinking you missed it!


13 April 2018

Leg grows out & hip healed!

Prayed for this awesome lady @ our Friday Night Fellowship, took about 15 minutes. Here is her testimony.(Video was edited down to three & a half minutes)

Testimony by Vanessa :

I would like to share my testimony.

Six years ago, I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my femur bone in my left leg. After the surgery to put three pins in, it made my leg 2,5 centimetres shorter. I have been battling with pain and my legs being different lengths.

Last night, at Heart of the Father Fellowship, Carlo, Franciska, Diane, Mark, Romilla, Maja, Robbie, Jaco and Douglas prayed for complete healing of my leg.

During prayer, after a few minutes, I felt a warm feeling in my lower left leg and my leg began to shake. As everyone prayed and watched, I felt a pulling sensation and my leg started growing longer until it was the correct length.

This morning, I went to the gym to do my exercise classes for two hours, and I had no pain whatsoever. This was my first pain free day in six years. I even managed to drive the car better.

I am feeling so happy and blessed.

How awesome is our God! Nothing is impossible for Him!


2 April 2018

Just wanted to share this with you. Over the Easter weekend I mentioned to my son Carlo Merrick that I have a lumpy growth at the top of my right foot. He just touched my footband & prayed a simple prayer. I had totally forgotten about this and on Saturday night while visiting me, he asked me : “So mom, how’s the foot”. I was wearing boots at the time so I told him that I have actually forgotten about it. So later that night I removed my boots and socks. To my surprise I saw that the lump was completely gone. Wow, isn’t God just awesome!!!! I am so blessed as this is the first time I have experienced such a visible miracle healing in my own body. Hope this blesses you also.


28 March 2018

I’m overwhelmed everytime God speaks to me & does His works through me. I will never not be in awe & wonder of Him & what He does. Went to our local hardware & paid at one of the tills when I realised that the cashier is a guy I had a word of knowledge for & prayed for his healing about three months ago. He said that he remembered me & has been so much better(he had a few problems in his body) since that day & went home that day telling his wife about this guy that prayed for & how amazing it was. He thanked me & said : I don’t know how you did it.

I reminded Him that it was all about Jesus. Found out today that he is a Christian since he was a little boy & goes to church.

So we get to encounter God in greater ways when we as His body interact more.This is what you are called to do, not for seperation but as a part of His body to do your part! I couldn’t help but just cry on my way home because of Gods goodness for this guy.


5 March 2018

Lady that I prayed for over the phone a month ago to be healed of cancer, contacted me today notifying me she was declared cancer free. Not in remission, totally free🙌🏻



24 February 2018

Street Healing Meyerton today turned into a solo mission! My street partners couldn’t make it. Had a great time praying for a on-foot marketing team. The one lady’s(in top photo) feet was hurting because they stand all day, so I told her : watch this. Prayed for her feet & the soreness went away immediatly. She was so shocked, she then asked me if this could work for her sales for the day, I told her yes ofcourse & then we prayed. Within 2 minutes she started getting people to stop & buy from her. After this happened I got to pray for the whole marketing team & see God do some more awesome things.
Also encountered some JW people that I had a good chat with. God is into bringing people together. Was telling them how good it is for people to have an experience with God & then it being confirmed by the word!


February 19 2018

Testimony from last week.

Last week Thursday afternoon a lady brought a friend for prayer. She needed a solution for her work, but was very distressed about her son. Being a single mother she had to move out of the house as her son started to live a bad life & was dealing drugs,she wanted this to be resolved as she still loves her son. I prayed with her, declaring what the situation should be. I received a message Friday morning that he had called his mom & told her that he loved her. But later that night I received the news that he told her how bad he realized his life had become & that he is leaving the drugs too.



February 5 2018

Had this experience today…

I was supposed to go out at lunchtime to get something for my dad, but 20 minutes before lunchtime it started to rain, man & did it come down hard & with hail.

2 minutes before lunchtime I thought to myself, if this doesn’t stop, I won’t be able to go out in this rain.

So I got up from chair in the office & walked to a window, looking at this rain coming down hard. I looked to the clouds & said : Rain Stop. It took the rain about 25 seconds to stop completely, the clouds even parted in 1 minute. I suddenly had an idea how Jesus felt speaking to the storm. As I got into my car, God spoke to my heart & reminded me of this verse :

Nevertheless, do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”
Luke 10:20

It’s more important to know who is speaking to the storm than seeing the storm obey. We have to know who Christ is in us & also who we are in Christ. Who you really are as a believer is who you are according to heaven. Heaven is patiently waiting for you to discover who you really are everyday.

#identity #walkinginfaith


February 2 2018

What an amazing happening this was. This awesome bro came to our house yesterday & he couldnt walk without his crutch since 2014. He had no feeling at the bottom of his feet & also in his upper legs. He struggled to get up the first time, but then he walked! Jesus! His wife just cried, then I knew God did a miracle. In the video he was walking for atleast 5 mins already & see how quick he can get up from a sitting down position! We walked around for probably 15 mins & his feeling came back to his feet & legs! Also this awesome lady got prayer for gout in her hands, ankles,knees & toes. She testified right there & this morning of that she has no pains & a very new happy & satisfying feeling in her heart!Jesus!


January 16 2018

Prayed for a lady at my work on Monday, she showed up at work the morning with her face swolen, you could see her one eye could only open halfway & her arm swolen as wel. At first I thought she had be brawling the weekend 😂😂.. but she told me she’s having a type of an allergic reaction, but she didn’t know what caused it. Immediatly after prayer she was amazed that the tingling on her mouth stopped instantly & the swelling started to subside, by the time she arrived home after work she was completely back to normal.


November 30 2017

Testimony :

One lady contacted me on Monday night asking me to pray for her son(15 yrs old) as he has been missing since Thursday the week before. I said yes the same night & started praying. The next morning early she messaged me telling me that her son is found & is safe! Jesus!

Jesus said : whatever you ask in faith you shall receive!


November 23 2017

Yesterday I prayed for a co-worker’s partner that is pregnant. She has been having constant migraines that she cannot sleep & obviously can’t take more effective pain medication either.

She was at home while we prayed here at work. When he connected with her she said she felt alot better & then he told her we prayed. This morning he came to tell me she is 100% and that she felt so good that she stayed up talking to him till late last night


November 8 2017

Quick testimony from work. This is just to show how normal it is & you can do it too! Just step out in faith. #Jesusheals #heartofthefather


October 25 2017

Fast healing testimony ;

As I was paying for my groceries at pnp Golfpark I felt a distinct pain just below my tummy. I knew God was wanting to heal this lady at the till. Now they help you so fast there, its like 2 minutes max then your done & the customer is on their way to the till. So about 1 minute into it I felt this & told her, you have pain here & she showed me where as well realising its exactly where I was indicating. She just started smiling & said : you felt that? I just said : let me pray for you. Prayed for 6seconds & then asked her : give it 3 seconds…now look for the pain? She put her hand on the place & tested & she said it completely gone! That’s a healing in about 12 seconds if I include the time she responded & confirmed.

As I walked away I just told her Jesus thinks she is amazing & He loves her,also to heal her.

You don’t always have to spend lots of time on healing. Trust that Jesus already did it & He can do it that fast too!


October 24 2017

Two testimonies from the weekend.

I went with my family to Wimpy in Vanderbijl & I just knew the waitress was experiencing pain in her shoulders as God showed & also her back. I asked her & she confirmed & was excited for what was about to happen as she was a believer(this is a very rare situation), prayed for her & she was instantly healed.

We went to baby city from there & when I spoke to the lady at the counter I felt pain in my ears. So I asked her about it & also if she was experiencing the flu symptoms & she confirmed both, I prayed for her there & the pain in her ears went down immediately as her face also changed as she lighted up & she told me how much better she felt & was so thankful for what Jesus did for her.

Jesus! Anywhere anytime!


October 15 2017

Two ladies just got healed & blessed in Debonairs. One had back issues that God showed me, she got healed right there & the other lady had headaches so that she constantly had to take pills for.

The presence of God just fell on her & she actually said : wow, I felt something, thank you!


October 14 2017

Got a lady healed in ‘something nice’ in Shelly Center today. She had pain in her knee, foot & wrist. She tested her knee & foot after prayer & the pain was all gone. She was a bit freaked out by all this so she didn’t tell me about her wrist yet. But I will see her again soon. She was very thankful though. 😁

#Jesusheals #holidaytestimonies

Update! Checked up with her today, she says her wrist has been doing much better!


October 13 2017

First day in Shelly Beach & a lady got healed in Panarottis of neck & back pain. Apparently Jesus is here in Shelly too. 😁

I can’t help wanting Jesus for everyone when He is madly in love with people.


October 11 2017

Two testimonies from last week both @ the Mall of the South.

The one was @ a coffee shop, my in-laws & my wife & kids were having so coffee when God showed me that our waitress has pains in her side,close te her ribs. I asked her & she said yes she has been having pains there & she told me that she is pregnant(was not that visible yet). I prayed for her & her pain left immediatly & she was pretty happy about it as all pregnant woman are when pains Just love how God takes that pain away even though people believe they should have pains because of pregnancy.

Another one was in Clicks. I went to pay for our stuff & I just felt a pain below my stomach, I knew God was showing me something for this lady. I asked her If she had a pain in that area & she said : yes I do, I am actually confused about whats happening with this do you know this? I explained how Jesus can talk to us & prayed for her & the pain left immediatly. She has heard of Jesus & didnt know Him. But that day she felt Him & I could quickly share some things with her. Could still see the surprise on her face when I left.


5 October 2017
My family & me went to Mall of the South yesterday & we stopped @ Cinnebon on the way out to get something. As my wife was chatting to the lady at the till, I just felt God tell me she had problems with her back, so I asked her & she said : yes, all the time….why? Told her I would like to pray for her quick. She came around the counter & I prayed for her there. After prayer I asked her to test it, but she couldn’t answer me yet. She said she felt like she was spinning. Haha. After a minute she went to sit down, just to take in what was happening with her & making blow noises. Holy Spirit was blasting her! JESUS! After 2 minutes she got up & tested her back & said all the pain is completely gone!

#Jesusheals #heartofthefather

3 October 2017
Two weeks ago I had a guy contact me via fb messenger & told me how he felt & his relationship with God & what was lacking (I wont share his private details). I told him to hang on for two minutes I will send him something & then he can tell me what he experienced. I stood up in my office where I work(as a draughtsman) & just to the two minutes & from a place of faith & speaking what I felt God told me that he needs & sent him that!

He contacted me two minutes later & told me of encounter with God & confirmed exactly the things I said & from my office! Yeeha!

#faith #heartofthefather


18 September 2017
Sasol Garage Testimonies :

I got a message from one lady the other day from a sasol garage (I gave a card to another lady there that got healed in her back the night before) so she was saying she has pain in her sides & also her head. She was asking me to please pop in if I pass there, but I was already home. So instead of going there or even telling her I would pray, I told her that I will send healing & in two minutes she must let me know how she feels.

In 4 mins I got the sms back that all the pain had left! JESUS! Saw her the next day & she confirmed that the pains left immediatly.

Another testimony

Went to another Sasol Garage & just as I was about to pay at the till, I asked the till lady about her knee. But I was greeting another lady that sat behind her just before I asked. She said no, but her feet does hurt from all the standing, then she said hey but wait this lady behind me is having problems with her knee! So I pray for the lady with the knee problem first & she got healed on the spot! Shared some things from Gods heart with her & tears just welled up in her eyes, so I just gave her a hug. Also prayed for the other lady with the sore feet & she was healed right there.

Whoooo! JESUS!

#Jesusheals #heartofthefather


28 August 2017
Two more for today. Went to baby city & when we got to pay for our stuff I just asked the lady at the till if she has an issue with her legs, turns out she did a while ago. But immediatly she showed me where she did need God to heal her. So we prayed (& I’ll post her results when i get it) & I just prayed God presence over her, her eyes just welled up with tears & I hugged her telling her how Jesus is crazy about her. She just raised her hands & thanked God. Yeeehaa!

Later tonight at our Sasol garage I just spoke to a lady called Selina & just caring about her life I asked how she is doing & if she needs prayer, she said her arms & shoulders hurt & are stiff. I prayed for her & immediatly I let her test it & she just said ; wow…it feels so much better. She was just so thankfull while moving her arms around.


#heartofthefather #Jesusheals


28 August 2017
Quickly went to get lunch at Spar today & when I went to go pay for my food I felt God tell me this lady(Maria) that works as a teller, struggles with her one knee & also her hips that has constant pain. When I asked her about it, she said : oh yes! I have this all the time! Then I told her Jesus tells me these things, she was very surprised. Got to just stand there & let God heal her. I asked her to test & she confimed that all the pain had gone. Jesus!


17 August 2017
What an honour to speak life over these awesome people! Jesus! They came out of KFC quick for prayer.


22 June 2017
Some testimonies from a few days ago:

@ our local PnP I got to the cashier & felt a pressure on my right ear & knew God was highlighting this lady to me. So I asked her about her ears and she said yes,her one ear has this problem that it feels like it has water inside. She asked me how do I know this. I told her its God who knows her. Prayed for her quick and as I walked out the door. I knew her ear opened. I went there the next day and she testified that as soon as I left her ear popped open. Jesus!!!

The same week, we had a truck driver deliver some steel sheets & while I was loading them off the truck & sitting on the forklift, God showed me this driver has problems with his knees. I offloaded the steel quick before he leaves & just as he starts his truck I stopped him and asked if he had problems with his knees. He said : oh yes I do. I prayed for his knees & told him to test it. He bent them, looked at me & then jumped out the big truck. He just kept saying knew it.. my knees are fine!

#Jesusheals #heartofthefather


3 June 2017
I went with the KCC youth this morning to get a group activated in praying for the sick in Meyerton. The group I was with started seeing miracles through their hands for their first time ever.The one boy(Christopher) in my group prayed for a lady in Wimpy who had a broken ankle & she got healed instantly as she confirmed testing it out. The one girl prayed for a guy at checkers who had hectic pain on his ribs & the pain immediatly dissapeared. I prayed for a guy in Clicks than has been suffering with pain in his leg for a couple of days & he got healed instantly. Jesus!

#Jesusheals #heartofthefather


9 May 2017
This happened while at the #backtodiscipleship training last Saterday.

‎Phumelela Cele‎ :

So Saturday I asked you guys pray for my Mom’s health after she’s been having pain all over her body. Well since Saturday she’s been feeling much better pain free. ☺ it’s such an honour having such brothers.


8 May 2017
This past two weeks there has been so many healings & things God did for people through prayer that I just lost track of what I should post. It is such a privilege to minister the Gospel everywhere I go.

Somethings that stood out to me was that a couple of people were at a place where they we asking God to show them He knows them or even contemplating if there is a God, then I just came up to them & started sharing with them & God rocked them.

Another thing that happened was that I got to pray for a pregnant lady(you couldn’t see she was pregnant yet) after God showed me her throat & it turns out she has had morning sickness & had jusy been throwing up everymorning sofar. So I prayed for her morning sickness & her back as well. God healed her back right there & when I saw her after that she told me that she has not thrown up again! Jesus heals morning sickness! I mean its sickness right? 😉
#heartofthefather #Jesusheals


7 April 2017
Washed my car @ sasol garage. They did an awesome job & cleaned my super dirty car. I asked al 5 of them if they needed prayer & the one lady said that half of her body is in pain from head to feet & then I could see she was feeling sick too. Prayed for her & the pain left within 3 mins & we had a group prayer for their lives & jobs. Bless the people you meet! They need it!
#Jesusheals #heartofthefather


23 March 2017
Got a word about this awesome lady at Mochachos about her hips & lower back & she was like yes she has pain all the time. She also asked me how did I know that? I just confirmed that the Holy Spirit knows her & drew my attention to her because He loves her so much! Prayed for her & she felt immediate relief as she tested. I went there today again just to check up on her & she said she had no pains since last night! Jesus!!


20 March 2017
While @ the Gen Y workshop just felt to pray for the people that helped make the day awesome. Had a word for this bro about pain in his legs.God is good!


Jan 28 2017
Went to a wimpy at a Engen garage last night & just got a word for one lady about her knees & the another lady about her back. Asked them about it & they both said yes. So I prayed for the 1st lady & told her what God was saying about her. She got healed 100% right there & as I prayed for the second lady she also got healed, while this was happening I saw the other lady just standing there smiling & with tears in her eyes. Amazing Jesus, just meeting them right there. After this another lady came out from the back from the kitchen area & also asked for prayer. She also got healed from pain in her chest. Such a priviledge to share this Gospel!

But just as I was done I turned around to see my wife holding my little baby boy & he started having a severe allergic reaction and a bad case of hives and swelling. After praying, what should’ve lasted hours,the reaction cleared within minutes. Prayer is powerful people. HE cares about what concerns us.


Jan 6 2017

Went to a kiddies play area with my family and I got a word for this awesome lady about her neck. When I asked her about it she said yes she has had horrible pain since this morning. Prayed for her quick & within minutes the pain settled & she came to testify that it was gone & she could move her neck again. She just told me God is amazing

2nd testimony.At the kiddies play area with my family I got a word for the amazing lady on the right.(the other lady is in the previous testimony)

She had problems with her shoulders & her back. She immediatly said yes when I asked her about it. Prayed for her quick & her pain went down immediatly as she tested her back & shoulders for pain. She was so happy for what God did for her.


Dec 22 2016
Prayed for a lady at our Sasol Garage shop, had a word about pain under her ear. She showed me that it is there & it effected her throat so that she couldn’t swallow food or drink something without experiencing pain, the following night(last night) I went there again & saw her & she told me she can eat & drink now without any problems. God is good. Let His goodness flow through you today!


Nov 23 2016
Yesterday I had to go to the bank for my work and as I stood at the teller God made me aware that this lady has problems with her wrist. I asked her about it & at first she just asked why and was freaked out. But she confirmed that her wrist hurts when she lifts things with it. So I prayed for her. But the funny part was that she said how weird & freaky this was, so I said to her : I could be spraying you with doom? She laughed a lot! Then I could explain Gods love & how He works sometimes. God is not into hurting people or embarrising them either.

Nov 16 2016
Prayed for a guy that had TB that works on the same property than me. He told me on Friday that the Dr’s told him to stop taking the medication & that he is 100% free from TB. Awesome Jesus

Nov 7 2016

Took my little girl to a play area last Friday. As I went to order something to drink at the restaurant asked the lady at the till what she was experiencing on her stomach & her side. She said there was nothing wrong, so then found it strange but thought to ask if the lady that was also there with her 1 min ago doesn’t have this issue. She said she will, but as I returned she didn’t ask her yet, so she said again ‘yes’ she’ll ask.

The other lady came to me, but after asking her about the issue she also said she didn’t have the problem. She came back after one minute telling the 1st lady I spoke to does have the issue but was too afraid to say that she actually does have the issue.

I then went there and asked her about it and she confirmed. I went on to ask why she was afraid and she said because it freaked her out just on how I knew that! She let me pray for her & her pain left within minutes. There more issues than just pain as she explained her visits from the doctor. Also her other coworker got prayer & her headache left with minutes. Jesus!


Oct 31 2016
Prayed for a lady this morning at work that had 50% deafness in one ear because of issues she had with her ear as a child. She had this hearing impairment of since 14 years of age. I just put my hand on her ear and prayed. I asked her to test it immediatly after and she said it felt like a wind blew on it.There was no wind because we were inside of a office. She then told me ‘it’s as if someone turned up the volume on that ear! Jesus!


Oct 26 2016
My work sent me to STD Bank today & when I got to the enquiries desk God just highlighted the lady that was assisting me. The manager helped her with something & I thought to ask them both about headaches as God made me aware of it but both looked fine. The lady God highlighted said she has a headache. So I just stood there, told her I’m going to “pray” but actually will just stand there & not speak, then she can tell me how her head feels. In about 10 seconds the pain left completely. The papers took a while so I shared Gods heart with her. She said that she is struggeling to concentrate because of excitement inside her & I just felt Gods presence. Luckely her lunch break started when I left.haha. Jesus!


Oct 3 2016
Friday we(my family & me) went to Mall of the South. I went to one of the toyshops & as I got to the till I felt the lady at the till had problems with her hips & as I asked her she looked at me funny & asked me : how did you know that? She then told me how she has been struggeling to work. Prayed for her & I told her to test it, she just put her hand on her mouth & looked at me.In shock she told me it was gone! So I just shared with her & told her how God feels about her.(She was a believer)

Also prayed for another lady at a play area we like to take our kids. Just felt to ask her about her head and back. She was surprised & said yes she struggles & currently has pain. So we prayed & God healed her. Jesus!

Saterday we had intentional ministry time,testimony was posted prior to this one.

Sunday I saw this elderly man with a crutch at pnp & I didn’t really get a moment to speak to him, so I went to me car to leave but then as I reverse the man was there & spoke to me. So I thought this is too easy. He told me & broke His foot & it grew skew. Now it just hurts when he walks on it.So I prayed for him & he had immediate relief & prayed for me too before he left.

I had to go get something from our Sasol garage as well and as I was paying at the till I felt the lady had back pain. I told her & with a surprised look she said yes. She let me pray for her & God healed her completely of pain right there. She asked me if I was a preacher?!

Truth is I am a normal Christian.


Sept 24 2016
Wow this cool guy(Alfred) got healed today. He was sitting at the m&b entrance in Clearwater mall taking a break while his wife was shopping, he said his leg hurts because its recovering. He said he broke his leg & that’s why he uses a crutch. I prayed with him & he laughed & said his pain went down from 7/10 to 2/10. I just told him just hold on & as we chatted I asked him how about now? He laughed and in amazement said 0/10, he stood on just the broken leg to test more & it was healed! I saw him walk away using his crutch, spoke to his wife then put the crutch on his shoulder & walked on.(my little boy got to be part of the miracle)


Sept 20 2016
Last week I just baught some chips at Sausage Saloon(yes I love their hot dogs). God gave me a word that the lady has constant back pain. She said it was true & that she has taken quite a lot of medication calm the pain. I prayed with her and this week she told me she is thankful becuase she doesn’t have that pain anymore. Also another lady was standing by that day and asked for prayer for her eye that was feeling irretated. God healed soother her eye right there.

Also two ladies that work with me told me about their kids having fever and stomach problems. I prayed with the one lady and an hour later she let me know the one childs fever went down quickly & also let me know the kids stomachs started to settle. The one lady took them to the doctor & the Dr said with a surprise its like a miracle how the kids handled it, apparently their tonsels hardened and pieces came off and they swallowed it. They should have very ill but is fine. Jesus!


Sept 10 2016
This amazing lady(Corrie) that was healed at Sasol Garage of constant headaches.Just got a word for her one night & boom! JESUS! (She dressed up for heritage day)

(Original Testimony)
Went to our local Sasol garage like more than a week ago. On my way to the till I walked past a lady that also works at the till and as I passed her I felt God pressed on my head, but I looked straight to the till I was heading. I asked the lady at the till if she had constant headaches (that’s what I felt God was saying). She said no. So I told her : oh then it must be the other lady! But she was already gone. The lady at the till just looked at me weird. So I left thinking I’ll see her again.

So this Friday night I went there again. I was excited to see both these ladies on duty together again. I went to the other lady who I wanted to ask about her head, so I did. She said : oh yes I have serious headaches all the time! She confirmed her head even pains now. I asked to pray for her & after I asked her how it felt. She said it felt like stuff just fell off of her! So I asked her : but how about your head?! Hehe.she said that it and lifted and felt alot different with a surprise on her face. She was smiling & accepted the word that was shared with her. Wow! Awesome Jesus! What an honour to share Him!


Sept 3 2016
We had some friends over last night and our friends’ sons’ girlfriend(Rosie) had a headache. My friend asked if I could pray for her so I said yes sure. I just took her hand & didn’t say anything. I Asked her if anything felt different & she said she did, the pain had gone one place and she said that she just felt it one place still. So I just took her hand again & didn’t say anything. 2 minutes after that she said it was completely gone. She was surprised. That shows you it’s not up to other people when you pray for them.Jesus said ‘lay hands on them & heals them’.Just do it.


Also got some kfc this morning and as I paid by the drive through window God showed me the lady has problems with her back. I told her and took her hand, God healed her right there as she stood up and tested her back.


August 25 2016
Yesterday morning I prayed for a lady who had back issues and also in her arms at the Henley petrol station & shared word with her. Prayed for the lady that works with me in the office that started having the flu. After prayer all her sinuses cleared and the pressure in her head dissapeared completely within 10 mins. Prayed with a lady at pnp that has back pains & shared some word with her & just shared a quick word of encouragement the lady at the doctors office that was really happy to hear what God was thinking about her. How cool is God? All in one day. Are you ready to share whats inside of you?


August 13 2016
Another till lady at PnP healed.I had a word for the pains she got in her back.I prayed with her and she felt immediate relief. Jesus heals! But don’t wait to get a word for people if you desire to minister healing to their hearts or body. It’s as easy as just asking sometimes! Just love them enough to care & that’s a great way to start.


August 11 2016
Had a word for this bro.He came to provide a service for the company I work for. God told me he had flu and that he also feels it in in his right ear.He said it was correct.Just shared some good news with him & prayed with him.What a privilege it is to minister the gospel.Jesus!

His Feedback : Hi Carlo

It was a pleasure meeting you the other day at your workplace. Thank you very much for praying for my flu and my ear. I must say I am feeling much better. God bless you.


August 10 2016
Had a word for a till lady at PnP about her pains she gets from her hip that goes down her leg. She was like : how did you know that? So I just smiled and share Gods heart with her and she was pretty happy to receive it.Also the pain in her hip and leg left. Saw her two days after and she testified that it hasn’t come back. Sharing the gospel with till operators at a grocery story is another skill I tell you.You have to preach the gospel in less than 2 minutes! Haha.God is good!


August 2 2016
Had to go to Macro in Alberton for work today, as I got to the till my stomach started freaking out. So I asked the lady at the till ; is your stomach doing ok? She said wow, no its been horrible since this morning. Then she freaked out because how did I know this? I just explained that Jesus loves her and prayed for her. She was just like ; are you a priest or what? Hehe. My stomach was fine about 30 seconds later. When you expect the supernatural & you feel sick…it might not be you.


August 1 2016
God is good & that never changes. Didn’t upload testimonies this week. Had a coworker get healed from flu, lady at Sasol garage get healed from pains, lady at Ster-kinekor (snacks counter) get healed, she was so amazed because she had such pain the day before that she needed help from her boyfriend to walk, then also got to preach the gospel to 4 ladies at sausage saloon.One lady I had a word of knowledge for who had stomach & hip pain sent me a message testifying she is pain free.

Did you know you could do this too?You have the anointing! Just love people while doing it. Most of these people I did not have a word for, I just asked if I could pray with them. Why? Because I love them. This was not an outreach or a street healing event, this normal family outings


July 8
Came to work yesterday morning and saw one of the ladies that was cleaning walking like a cripple. I overheard them talking and she said her arm,back,hip & leg has been in extreme pain the last two days. She hinted I should pray for her before I decided to because she has been healed of other ailments before. ????

I prayed and asked her what her pain level was from 0 – 10 she said it was 10/10! But now 3 mins after prayer its a 7/10. She came and told me its a 2/10 about 2 hours later & just before I left work at 3 o clock she said it is a 1/10. This morning I asked her how its going and she smsed me this.

“The pain is gone I’m actually spring cleaning I thank God for giving u the strength to do what u do for all of us thank u.”

It’s all Jesus! He is faithful! He will do this through you too! Just start..

Jesus is awesome!

This awesome lady from my work got healed from daily fluish feeling she gets. Her nose gets blocked and she gets headaches everyday & then has to take medication. I prayed for her and immediately her nose started to clear up(like 3 sec max), she could breathe through her nose and no headache anymore either. God is awesome! His love doesn’t stop!


(@ Work)

Took my wife to the doctor for a baby scan. When we were done I asked the lady at the desk if she had problems close to her neck (as I pointed to where it is) & she said yes. So she was surprised and asked me how I knew that. Got to just pray for her there & share some of Gods love, she was healed right there as she confirmed.

Also there was a older gentleman with crutches.Got to pray with him too.Didn’t get to test his knees there but he was happy. What just got me was seeing who I think was his daughter just wiping tears as I just shared some things from Gods heart. God loves His kids! This is for you too! He loves you!

(@ Doctors office)

On 16/02/2016 my daughter went into labour -26 weeks pregnant- and little Amy was born – weight 730gr. Dr told my daughter don;t get attached she is not going to make it she is too weak. Nataline said “No I know God and we will pray and she will live!” A week later dr phoned @ 4 the morning asking them to come and say good bye to Amy. Nataline just stand and said “No i refuse death. She will live”. That morning I found Carlo’s details on facebook and i send him request to urgently pray for Amy. Since then i asked him and other prayer warriors, many many times.
She had meningities, infections, infection in her blood, blood transfusions – lungs that just don’t want to do what they supposed to do. Each time I send messages to prayer partners around the world and each time God helped.
The day when she turned 2 months, all the pipes and oxygen mask were removed and for the first time we could see how she actually looked.
Yesterday after 2 months 2 weeks and 4 days Amy was discharged from hospital.
Carlo once said God sometimes don’t heal immediately sometimes it takes time. We wanted an immediate miracle but each time God gave us what we need for that specific time.
Al the glory to God and thanks to – friends and family and prayer groups that prayed each time i send a request.
I am so blessed to be part of a miracle.


(@ Over the phone)

Quick testimony : Two electricians came to fix a electrical fault in my house. God just told me both of them have problems with their backs so I asked them & they said yes, all the time. So I got to pray for both of them at the same time & they could test it immediately. They both confirmed with no pain with a surprise on their faces! Love how Jesus does these things & also we have power in the house again too! What a privelidge to live because of His great love!

Ok so from yesterdays quick testimony. The electrical technicians(5 guys) needed to come out again today. Even had to dig up the cable outside because it burned underground. But Jesus was still here.Got to share the good news with them.Got some words for them & prayed for some things as well. What a great day.So is everyday with Jesus & His kingdom! The kingdom is always active & ready for display & we are like kids in His Kingdom learning & discovering everything our Father is & has for us. Ofcourse I am thankful for the great work these guys did.

(@ home)

This shows God loves people & wants to touch every part of our
lives :

I then felt I had to ask Carlo for prayer…. don’t laugh, but for my snoring…. because my husband just can’t sleep at night. He prayed not only for me snoring but that my husband would have a good night’s sleep… deep sleep. Praise God for the first time in months my husband slept right through. I give God all the glory. Please say thank you to Carlo for his prayers and keeping it together when I asked him for prayer for my snoring… God bless you both.

Jesus healed my awesome Co-worker(Angie) last week thursday. She had a bubble forming in her eye & it started to irretate her eye on about 31st March,from then on it just grew larger.But on the 6th of April she told me about her eye & I could see her left eye was red as well. I just asked her to put her hand on her eye & I prayed. From that day the bubble got smaller until today(13th March) she looked & it is completely gone. Jesus is amazing! ‪#‎Jesusheals‬ ‪#‎heartofthefather‬

(@ Church meeting)


Testimony From Angie :

Since the 31st of March my eye got irritated, I thought its because of not enough sleep having a two year old in our house; I tried using eye drops etc. and nothing work. My husband saw my eye was really red and told me I must just say if I want to go to the optometrist, I told him its ok and carried on. But it got worst day by day, it was like a small bubble started to form on my eye next to iris (colour of my eye). On the 6th of March I was aware of the bubble every time I blink. My eye was blood red of the irritation. I told Carlo about my eye that I was not sure what was wrong, so we prayed for my eye, the irritation and redness was better immediately. Every day onwards the bubble got smaller and smaller and today it’s gone! It’s just amazing how the Lord doesn’t see my eye with a little bubble as something small and less important. I know He loves me and thinks about me every second. – Angie Stewart Els 13/04/2016 –

(@ the workplace)

This awesome lady just got healed. She was our waiter today & God told me her right shoulder & neck was sore so I asked her. She said it was true so got to pray for her & she left to get a drink for us & as she came back she said ‘sho,it feels so much better’. Just told her how amazing she is to Jesus & she was happy to hear it.?. People need bread daily & we know Jesus broke the bread saying : “this is My body”. So bread is healing! ‪#‎Jesusheals‬ ‪#‎heartofthefather‬ ‪#‎dailybread‬ ‪#‎healingbread‬


(@ the local Wimpy)

This awesome lady at GM just got healed. I just asked her about how she was feeling and she told me she had extreme back pain & pain in her hands.So I prayed for her & all the pains left within 3 mins. I just shared some things from Gods heart for her & she was blessed! Thank You Jesus for this amazing priviledge to love people! ‪#‎Jesusheals‬ ‪#‎helovesus‬ ‪#‎heartofthefather‬


(@ GM)

Testimony from Maureen (translated from Afrikaans with Google translate):

My dad has lung emphysema and was very sick.In December we thought we were going to lose him.He was admitted in Kopanong state hospital where he laid in the hall with pneumonia.He could not breathe and was on oxygen .I and my family prepared ourselves to say goodbye to him.We were all there Saturday night next to his bed and was very concerned .My father was laying in a bundle & had very high fever.He did not even know where he was.I softly prayed at his bedside and asked God had for a miracle.I did not have much hope and asked God that my father might be saved before going …. looked up I saw Carlo standing in the doorway.I didnt know him at that stage.He just walked in and smiled.Then he just stood behind my father.I told him what’s going on with my dad and he began to pray.I wanted Carlo to spend little time alone with my father to pray and so on, so we left.The next day my mother was with my father, she could not believe what she saw.My father’s fever broke, he could breathe, was even hungry.From then on he just got better …. and Monday morning, my father dismissed! Our whole family didn’t think that he would come home again.Now its March and I can almost not believe my dad still lives !!! God touched him that night! The impossible made possible …. and when I asked my dad about the man who came to pray for him …. he knew nothing ..

(@ Kopanong Hospital)

On the previous testimony(Below) I told about the guy @ incredible connection. Now today I went to collect my work computer but he told me : ‘my back is fine, but there is one more thing’.

See when I gave him the word on Tuesday I asked him if he had shoulder pain & he didn’t.But God told me he had pain,I was just aware of a shoulder too. So today He told me that the lady that works with him(right next to him) said that she has had shoulder pain for a while now & they clicked that the word was for her too. So I saw her today & prayed for her & the pain left immediatly.

2016-01-07 14.27.05

So I took my work computer in for some repairs & God tells me the guy helping me @ Incredible Connection has pain. So I asked him & he said he always has back pain. I prayed for him quick & he said his back felt very warm. He smiled & said thank you so much because he didnt feel the pain anymore. Thank You Jesus for Your love. He is forever faithful.

(@ Incredible Connection)

While I was on holiday we went to Spur at Gordens bay with some family & as we came out I saw a guy with a crutch. His name is ‘Fortune’. I asked If I could pray for him & he explained that he had constant pain in his leg where it joins with his foot because thats where the pressure is.After prayer he said its like its cold.Now there was a heat wave in the Cape sow this was funny. But the pain left & even when he went home his family was shocked to see him walking without his crutch. A day & a half later I got to see him & pray with him & this is when I took the second photo.


(@ Gordons Bay Beach,Western Cape)

Lady called Mamoosa thats working at the pitstop Shell garage Steers got rocked by God 3:31am this morning.Got a word for her & she started crying & then just smiled cuz God was loving her & some physical pain left as well.Seems like God is not on holiday & He isn’t sleeping either in Bloemfontein!

2015-12-28 08.58.14

(@ Shell City Stop just before Bloemfontein)


Got a word of knowledge about headaches for a lady working at the engen garage,she said I was right & she gets headaches all the time. She helped a customer behind me & quickly dissapeared.Two days after I saw her again & asked If I can pray with her. She confirmed again today that shes healed! Thank You Jesus!

(@ Engen Garage)


2 waitresses got healed last Friday night @ the wimpy.Both had feet that were sore & one had sore shoulders.Both felt the pain go right there.Thank You Jesus! He is real! & He is everywhere!

(@ Wimpy)


Took my wife yesterday for a checkup @ the doctors office.There was this guy called Sam who came to see the doctor but they couldn’t help him &
sent him home since its time for the doctors to go home.But as he left I ran after him to have a quick chat & he explained his arm can’t move completely because of the muscles not working correctly.So I prayed for him & told him to move his arm & he looked so surprised to be able to move it & realising he is healed! Praise Jesus!

(@ Doctors office)


Wonderful miracle the Father did for this lady! Her right ear had such pain that sometimes the pressure would affect her vision & she had constant heart pain. She had been praying for things to go away with no avail, now she started praying that God should take her life. Today she experienced the will of God as her ear pain left completely & her vision came back,then the heart pain left too in 3 minutes! The Father showed His love & she was so happy about it,as we left she was still praising God!

carlo ministry

(@ Local Township)


Visited our local village again today with Jaco & Juan. One of the great testimonies we got is this lady called “Therisa” that had a very bad face condition for almost two years. She went to go wash her face after receiving prayer last week Sunday.It just started coming off of my face she said & she is so happy that her face got healed & she is praising God today with us.

One of the great testimonies we got is this lady called "Therisa" that had a very bad face condition for almost two years. She went to go wash her face after receiving prayer last week Sunday.It just started coming off of my face she said & she is so happy that her face got healed & she is praising God today with us

(@ Local Township)


Name : Andre

Testimony : My child ( Year and 2 months old) was seriously ill . She had a bad cold and she was throwing up. She had eye infection and we struggled to break her fever as well . I asked Carlo to pray for her and she is much better . Thank you.

(@ work. Andre also told me the same day the eye infection got better and that night she didn’t throw up or cough.Testimony was translated from Afrikaans)

Name : Marlene

Testimony : Thank God, I just want to share my testimony with you. My hand started to get blue whenever I had something on like a watch, so I went to the doctor & he said I have blood cancer. I asked you to pray & today I’m healed! My blood goes well & I’m clean!

(Prayer over text message. I confirmed with Marlene that she went to the doctor today 14/08/2015 & he said she is clean. The prayer took place a week prior to the doctors visit.)

Name : Wesley

Testimony : Hi I’m 37 years old,I work with Carlo at E 2000 and is happy with my work,especially when he comes & shares his testimonies and the word of God during break times,one morning I felt very dizzy and weak so I went to him and told him how I felt,immediately he prayed for me,the power of God was so intense that I fell to the floor,I was out for about 5 minutes when I stood up I felt completely right didn’t even feel dizzy anymore,I just want to say never give up on God even if you feel nothing wants to work out for you,God is real and He loves you very much.I believe that Jesus wants to do great things for anyone.


Name : Solly (Repair Man)

Testimony :Yesterday I had pain in my back(Had it for 3 months) & Carlo prayed for me.Then this morning the pain was gone, I dont feel any pain.Thankx alot!

(@ work)(Transcribed from a audio recording)

Name : Ntombizodwa

Testimony : It was just an ordinary kind of a day when I woke up with
a bad back pain as I was pregnant expecting my second baby, I then came to work and told Carlo about it. He prayed for me and a miracle happened the pain stopped at once, It felt I never had that pain at all. If you believe in yourself and in the lord our God anything is possible, keep doing good and the lord will be with you always

(@ the work place)

Name : Angie

Testimony : I had back problems from doing gymnastics when I was younger, specially my lower back. One afternoon at work the Lord revealed to Carlo that I have pain in my lower back; I confirmed that it’s true and he prayed with me. While praying I felt warmness in my back and calmness came over me. After that moment my pain was gone! The Lord is just too incredible for words.

(@ the work place)

Name : Lee

Testimony : At the 19 of April I had a problem, my wife was sick, so I
phoned my friend Carlo to tell him that I got a problem, my wife is sick, after that he asked me to give the phone to my wife & then he prayed for her through the phone something like 15 minutes after that we just took some couple minutes & my wife got healed. I just wanna say thank you to my friend Carlo
for the powerful prayer AMEN.

(@ the work place)

Name : Marlene

Testimony : I’m Marlene I had meningitis 2 yrs ago.The man of God Carlo prayed for me & because of the grace of God sending him along I’m healed.

(This was when we visited the hospital)