Meet the Team

Carlo Merrick

Husband. Father,Preacher, Evangelist, Teacher, Podcaster

Being a full time Christian was my first mission. This way I knew that what would discover in God at work or in the mall can take to church & be real about it. This is my mission, to make our Supernatural God naturally trust-able.

Podcast : HeartoftheFatherPodcast
Posts & Blogs :
Weekly Prayer Broadcast,
HeartOfTheFather Blog,
End Times

Prophecies over Carlo’s life caught on video :

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Franciska Merrick

Wife, Mother, Preacher, Prophetic, Personal Trainer

Always looking for what God is saying about a person or situation, instead of judging from visible observances. She is always chasing the presence of God & so makes sure the kingdom of God comes first. Her heart is for woman to discover the heart of God for themselves & the next generation.

Blogs :
Healing Hearts Devotional