The Two questions

The two questions you want to ask in your life are these two :

Who is God to me? & Who am I to God?

The way people answer these two will always be the frame in which their belief system is built.

These two questions always stay in my mind when I speak to anyone about God, because it helps me see what they need to hear to be encouraged to have more of God in their life.

We answer the first question, maybe, with a God that is judgmental & wants to punish us, then we end up with a bad idea for an answer to the second question. It only leaves us with little hope & maybe some mercy because what God is says a lot about us & what our destiny looks like.

This leaves the door open to a lot of feelings that will take us spiralling down fast & ultimately shipwreck our faith.

Now “Karma”  and “the wheel turning” also makes sense when we feel like we have been wronged. So God must be the one instigating “Bad karma” or making “the wheel” to turn on people for their deeds.

While none of that is in the Bible, people do dig their own pits & fall into them while God has no part in that process except to lead someone to come help them out of that pit or be the voice telling them to stay away from certain things that would hurt them.

But aren’t we simply living Gods plan that He laid out for us? Not necessarily. See love doesn’t force you, it lets you choose. God is love. You can walk in His plan or another plan. God wants to walk with you & you to walk with Him. But for you to walk with Him you need to know His heart & His heart towards you is so good. Think on some words that describe God. Merciful, full of grace, giver of life, Father, Love! That is just a few simple examples of our God. Now if that is who He is to us, then who are we to Him? One’s who obtained mercy, received grace, have His life in us, sons & daughters of the Father, we live in His love.

If we have the wrong idea about God, we will miss His plan & will live a life less than what He intended for us. Today, see yourself in His eyes, from His perspective, through His heart. This turns our hearts to thankfulness & not blame. We do not need to be victims when God made us to be more than conquerors.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this. feel free to send a message to heartofthefather through the contact page.

Thankx for reading. Bless You

Carlo Merrick
Carlo Merrick