The earth is ours

The are Christians calling death & curses over our country & over our land because they look & people’s sin around us.

But the whole dynamic is off, it is as if we are in the old covenant with God on the outside, where we are separate from Him, calling Him down to bring rain.

So then they tell people to repent before God can move & if that doesn’t work, they start breaking curses. Real bummer if then still no rain comes!

But God has given us this earth. Even from Adam God gave him dominion over all the things of the earth. But now in the new covenant God gave Jesus all authority in heaven & earth. Now Jesus lives inside of us when we are born again, meaning that authority is available for the believer.

So then we don’t ask God to please bring rain. Because when we don’t see results we get confused about sin & curses that Jesus paid for on the cross already as if that never happened. He is waiting for us!

Now we can speak to clouds & the things on the earth as we speak to our dog. There is no arrogance in tell our dog what to do, why would it be wrong to tell the clouds what to do? We know where the authority we have comes from!

But what about the sin in the world we ask? Are we called to preach the gospel? Aren’t we the light of the world? Didn’t we receive the ministry of reconciliation? Or are we just waiting for God to judge people that we are not willing to reach with the truth in love?

Let us as new creations in Christ speak life over the earth so people can see the goodness of God(it does lead us to repentance?). If the results vary then we know we have space to grow in authority.

Rom 8: 19 says that creation waits expectantly for the sons of God to be revealed…

Even the earth is waiting for you…

Come on guys…no one likes to wait. 😁