Read with me, “And be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith.” Philippians 3:9

True righteousness isn’t a feel good flesh appeaser, nor is it a sin justifier. True righteousness is a result of God doing a work inside of you, it is the magnificent catalyst to a life yielded and accepting of the price Christ paid. Yet, it does afford us incomparable access to a living God.  Knowing He has provided you with righteousness instills in you a hope of never being turned away, but a great hope of the availability of His favor and goodness.

Upon further study of righteousness, you will find most religions include the idea of righteousness in their dogma. You will find it under the mentions of moral instruction, but find that is not an instruction but a state of living. Moral instructions, as with the Bible, will include instruction to abstain from evil, to be fair, to pursue peace, to be kind and loving, to not cheat, lie or steal, do not murder, and do right by everyone, maintaining peace and social order.  Righteousness suggests that there is no further price to be paid for transgression; you owe nothing in relation to your moral living. Righteousness denotes the idea that your actions have been judged with the result of being justified. Righteousness means “right.” Your sin says you are wrong, but His blood says you are right. When you believe on the Son, your righteousness provides you an amazing state of being in right standing with the Father. Can you imagine entering God’s throne room boldly? This is what righteousness means, you are now standing in front of Him while all He sees is that you are right with Him. There is no price needed to pay to redeem you further. The price He paid was enough. You are free.

Hold on to the hope of Christ. He is enough. With our shield proud and equipped with the sword of His truth we can weather any storm and storm any troop. Hold fast to that hope. Take hold of and hold fast to the hope that comes from Him. Allow His truth to anchor your heart and ground your feet, prepared with the gospel and power. It is He who calls you, it is He who has chosen you, and it is He who anoints you for the follow through of His commands. He has given you everything you need for this life. He knew what you would face, and in loving-kindness He provided the armor and tools you would require to overcome every attempt by the enemy to derail your destiny. You have to take a hold of it and wear it; strut your stuff, with confidence. What are you fighting, the sin or the lies? When we fight sin we can easily become fatigued and tired, weary of trying to overcome. But, when we stand armoured in His righteousness, readied with truth, we can hold on to the hope that His death has bought. 

Many will come against the idea of righteousness, professing our truth refutes our need for forgiveness of sins, and that we declare ourselves perfect. Indeed, we do not profess perfection without Christ. But my, oh my, in Him we are new, in Him we have hope of glory, in Him we are destined to see goodness and mercy all our days. True righteousness has been bought dearly; I cannot cheapen it with my ‘self’ efforts of attempting holiness, by my self-righteous belief that I can vindicate my own soul. He is the only one righteous enough to give us true righteousness.  I want to emphasise the fact that righteousness of God is a result of His goodness and grace. Righteousness in the flesh is a result of our good works. The qualifying difference is the fact that you act according to the righteousness you already have received, as opposed to acting in a certain manner in order to ascertain your righteousness and be justified.