Purpose – Finding Him

Read with me, “Above the Horse Gate, the priests repaired the wall.  Each one repaired the section immediately across from his own house.”-Nehemiah 3:38

Every believer, me included, has found him or herself at a place where they long for God to reveal His purpose for their lives. He works in us to want to do well and pursue His intents. Have you prayed prayers that sound like this, “Show me what you want from me God”, and “What is your plan for my life?”  There’s something about loving Jesus that invigorates the believer to do! We want to shake kingdoms, we get encouraged to change the world, and we desire to conquer all the evils. Only, often times we envision these great feats taking place in front of a multitude of witnesses. We assume that the assignment was issued with a designated platform.

There is a lie that has crept into the hearts of the chosen, the false idea that ministry is only effective if there is an audience to validate the minister.  The problem with such ideology is, though the calling of many are sure, we cannot all have platforms and audiences. I meet so many people, women especially that mourn seemingly losing out on their purpose because they have been relegated to the task of serving those around them, as if serving is an inferior calling. But let’s be honest, on a Sunday, no one adulates how well the stairs were stacked in the back of the building. It is human to want to be seen and recognized, but it is unwise to equate validation with successful ministry.  There is significant hopelessness that stems from the disappointment associated with unrealized dreams. If you feel this way about ministry and church life, I want us today to determine whether our dreams were reasonable to begin with. I say that because we have to ascertain if those desires in our hearts stem from God’s heart for and instructions to us or do we experience shame because church culture dictates what we are busy with is insignificant and what we should look like.

Washing dishes, cleaning floors, raising children (please add your own tedious responsibilities here), and building walls are generally considered mundane and ineffective, worldly, earthly, material and insignificant. (Because, you know, God is only interested in the saving of your soul, thereafter you better just behave and struggle on in a life of negligible obedience.) I know, because I used to beat myself with this particular stick half near death. There was a deep seated need for affirmation, exacerbated by the lie that until I was reeling in the thousands of new convicts weekly or raising the dead, I was missing God and He was just not pleased with me. The funny thing is that it was indescribably difficult for me to even hear God while being that self-absorbed. What I was missing was Him, right there with me. The issue was the fact that in my head I associated God’s presence with the platform. I created a distinct separation between God and my life. I couldn’t live for Him; because I was struggling so hard living towards Him, unconvinced that I would ever accomplish anything that would garner His attention.  Somehow in the mundane tasks of everyday life I lost hope of ever accomplishing His plan for my life.  The irony is that first step in doing the things we have been holding off on, waiting for the spectacular, is usually your launching pad into purpose. In Nehemiah 3 it was the priests who were repairing the gate. The priests! Can you imagine them not doing what was in front of them to do because it was considered an inferior task?

“Purpose is found in practice, not the platform. It is developed in the Secret Place, not the stage.” Bob Hazlett

It is imperative, when it comes to our purpose on earth, to always bear in mind that He is a good Father. He is not sitting back waiting for us to fail. He is not expecting us to suffer to deserve a destiny. Christ already suffered for you. Now, you get to live. You get to enjoy a good life, a full life, and purpose driven life. If today you feel God isn’t seeing your capacity or using you to your full potential, I want to encourage you to just be present with Him in the moment. He is right there with you. Just do what is in front of you.  Imagine Jesus praying,” Father let this cup pass from me,” consider the fact that He was confronted with a task that was inhumanely degrading.  I’m sure there were many other ways for God to prove His power such as lightning, miracles, gold falling from the sky, physical demonstrations that didn’t involve death. Imagine the trek up the hill of Calvary. He was in pain, suffering, humiliated. Still He kept going, 1 foot in front of the other. That’s the way to go. Do what is in front of you to do however mundane and tedious. 

The plan was to redeem you to a life of freedom. Every second of every day is redeemed. It all counts, even the mundane. Why? Because He died for your ENTIRE life, not just the extravagant parts that are witnessed by others, it all matters. Every thought, every second, every act, it all matters. Nothing can add to what He already did for you. You are already redeemed. Live like it. Honor God by doing what He says.  Do what is in front of you, however simple it may seem. Do what is on front of you, however insignificant it may feel. Do what is front of you, even if it is hard. Allow Him to shape your destiny according to His will and purposes.

I pray that God will establish your purpose today. Ask the Holy Spirit to point out the things in front of you that you can lay your hands to and do. Allow Him to direct you to purposeful living. He is always willing. Remember, His presence is the price.