Make Room

Read with me, “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Psalm 119:103

Making room is putting down the things in your hands. It is holding space for what He is busy with. It is a posture your heart assumes, in prostration and humility, ready to receive from Him, unhindered by the fear of what He might ask or give. Making room is making time for Him.

In your heart, save space for Him. As you would keep a seat for your friend at a concert, close to you, and intentional, you save space in your thoughts and heart for Him to possess.

Making room is allowing Him to occupy your thoughts. Making room is denying  instant gratification. Making room is actively arranging your life, thoughts, and heart to accommodate His purpose.

Making room for Him is not necessarily being on Facebook less (though that is always a good idea.) Making room for Him is being occupied with yourself less. The peace we need is found at the end of your own indulgence and preoccupation. Turmoil is often times a result of rethinking the same worrisome thoughts over and over. Repetition makes progress and perfect. When we repetitively worry we become very good at it. It is important to take thoughts captive, and turn our attention to something else.

Imagine setting a table, you are having friends over for dinner. The party consists of many facets, the planning is involved. It requires forethought, planning ahead, and your time. There is a space for everything you might need. There you create beauty, you carve out space for silver, crystal, and silk. Seats are counted and set in place. Excitement and anticipation floods your thoughts as you prepare. It is the same with making room for Him as your guest of honor. And when He enters the room, and sit beside you, He communes with you and shares sustenance with you. His conversation invigorates your soul as the food satisfies your deep hunger. Communion fills the silences, His eyes keep your attention from wandering to the worries of tomorrow, and a joyous exchange takes place. Opinions are exchanged, insights are developed, revelation  shines on your processes, and in His fellowship shame comes to an end.

Make room for Him. Hold space in your daily routine to hear Him, to look on Him, to commune with Him. Whatever you do, set a place for Him to participate in the process. Hold space for Him to be next to you, to speak, to engage. Make room by making Him a priority. Just as you would serve and attend to your guest, attend to His voice. He is a friend, longing to sit and talk to you. Make time for Him. Find out what He likes,  inquire how He like to do things, ask Him what He sees and how He feels.

Make room for Him by allowing Him to carve the roast, break the bread, and pour the wind at your table. Relent control of the process, give up your need to steer the conversation, surrender your timetable to honor Him. Let go of what is in your hands. Let Him. Yield to His intention. He is good, and trustworthy. Let Him be significant. Let Him be honored in your heart, by giving Him space and time.