Let Love Win

I don’t have much to say, except – let love win. Relationships are failing, people judge, budgets are tight, and projects fail. The mountains seem to steep to climb, the ocean to wide to cross, and the way to narrow to traverse. But keep on keeping on. Not by taking matters into your own hands. Often times we keep on by doing the same things over and over again, most times repeating the very actions that got us in trouble to start with. Today, know that He sees it all, He knows it all. Challenge yourself to see how your love for Him wins over any uncertainty you may have regarding His intentions for you. Let the fact that you love Him deflect the doubts you harbor. Let the fact that you love Him keep you restful, and trusting, still. Allow His never-ending love for you to seep through every crack of uncertainty in your resolve, and love on Him.  Just love Him today. Look at Him, and love Him. As you behold Him, be enveloped in His mercy. As you gather yourself to Him, sit before His feet and just be. He is enough. He has always been enough. Love Him, today. And find yourself once again, in Him. Purposefully, with intent, sit with Him. Tell Him, “I love You.” Remind yourself that He is the lover of your soul. Be mindful of the fact that it has always been Him; He has always been your One true person.  He is your



Hiding Place







Hide yourself in Him. Take every thought captive, and place it inside of His love for you, and be safe. This means you do not worry about tomorrow, and neither do you  even worry about today. Be busy with what is on His heart. Look Him in the eyes and be known. He knows your face, He knows your name. He formed you. He chose you. He called you. Remember who He is, remember who that makes you. In the waiting is where we put on display what we believe. Pay attention to the thoughts you have and the words you speak while in waiting. Pay attention to the words you speak during the moments He is silent. Do you still believe? Are you still hopeful? Is love winning? During the quiet moments, we sometimes feel the need to fill the silence with rhetoric and babble. Redeem this time; give it back to Him in quiet trust. And let love win over the doubt and torment. Let love win over the second guessing, over the idleness, over the chasms left by unanswered questions. Allow the waiting to whittle your faith, and display your belief systems. If your faith is wanting, allow God to be God again. In the season of waiting, sort out you, and let love win.