Read with me, “But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, then gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.” James 3:17

We all walk around labeled by past experiences – ex’s, spouses’, teachers’, friends’ and enemies’ words reverberating in our heads creating a convincing narrative of what is and what is not possible for us. Apparently their opinions determine how worthy you are of a life. NOT. We walk under the verdicts of not good enough, not enough, lazy, inadequate, lacking of faith, weak, gossiper, sinner, tattooed, rebel, disqualified, overweight, poor, etc. While many of these things often need addressing, it is imperative to discern people’s opinion as opposed to the actual truth, otherwise we end up addressing issues in order to receive an improved verdict from the same accuser and judge. We appeal people’s opinions of us, but the system is broken. Their views are limited. The thing about labels is they stick. Words stick to our souls much as labels stick to products. Attempt to remove the label and you are more often than not left with a sticky mess that detracts from both the beauty and value of an item. Labels, worn off or on, denote a certain level of credibility to the item. Often, a sticker is merely slapped on an item to denote its value. But, my friend, you are not a product. The price paid for you was dear; this escalates your worth immeasurably.

There will always be different opinions, multiple voices. You will always hear multiple voices weighing in on what is right and acceptable about you. But you have to ascertain whether this wisdom is of the world bringing shame, or from above offering peace.  What does He say about YOU?  This significance of a good Father’s dialogue with His child, He tends to not speak about what you have or haven’t yet done, He tends to remind you who you are. If the dialogue in your heart is causing you shame, I want to ask you today to re-evaluate your belief system and address the voices claiming to know you. His words bring with it freedom and hope. I am not saying He will always give you a pat on the back and affirm your bad decisions, but the dialogue with the truth yields fruit that is peaceful. He offers solutions and hope, with Him is found the words of life, not condemnation.

What would you say if I reminded you in Him there is no more condemnation? Do you still feel the need to justify the shame you carry? If you find yourself searching for reasons to testify to your inadequacy, then my friend, you are listening to the words of shame. What would your life look like if you truly believed you were redeemed from all the sticky messes stuck to you? What would you do if you knew nothing you have ever done is held against you? What would you stop doing if you didn’t believe you deserved the mess? What would you say to Him if right now He called you to live for Him fully? This is your counter offer. He has bought you. You are His own, and that makes you adequate, well equipped, and a powerful person. Do you believe this? Believing on Him is us allowing what He says to win out over any argument the enemy could present. No matter how accurate the accusations may sound. You might find yourself nodding in agreement, thinking, “Yes, I did do this or that.”  Let me tell today, He is a God of possibilities. He made it possible for you to live not in what you did, but in what He did. His cross is redemption to the uttermost. He saves us, daily. Daily he renews and restores us to perfection. He does not look as a man looks, He does not look at you and immediately recognise every deficit, taking note of each slip. He does not call you wrong, He does not call you sinful, but He calls you holy and forgiven. You might identify with some past experiences or actions such as having a past tendency to lie, He identifies you as a daughter, called and forgiven; a woman of capacity – capacity for great things.

You can listen to the words of doubt or the truth. There is wisdom from the world that might seem accurate, but ultimately leads to shame, with no resultant peace. There are seemingly truthful accusations flung at us that produce no fruit in us, only shameful retreat. Let truth make you free. Be encouraged by the word of truth, and be saved by it. Fall in love with His truth again. Let His heartbeat for you direct your thoughts and actions. Draw close to His heart, incline your ear to His words, and hear Him say you are loved. Today, hear Him say you are chosen and delivered from the pit of despair that the enemy’s lies has hidden you in. He is just. He sees you as His own; looking at you He recognises the mark of His Son’s blood.

Yes, you have been marked, by Him and for Him. It is the mark of the free, the mark of the redeemed, the mark of the called, the mark of a warrior, the mark of the Lamb, the mark of the Lion, it is the mark of love – His own.