Healing of the soul

I have preached & taught on our identity in Christ for a few years now, how it includes not just healing and prophecy, but the being, as in your perspective of yourself and of God. Walking in the supernatural, so it includes the way we live when we are all by ourselves and how we love others.

Yet recently I discovered how I missed things within myself that was not healed.

I read a secular book from a psychologist on some things I never heard the church talk about. I realised in our religious mindsets we were wired to profess healing and new life while ignoring anything that might resemble the opposite. When I say ignore, I mean we train our self to act like is not there.

But what if we admit that there are some things inside us that might still be broken? Does it mean Christ failed in healing us? No ways. Through Christ we are/were healed. Isaiah 53:5, 1 Pet 2:24

It means we have the Source Himself to withdraw from. Many physical healings I have seen through my own ministry happened when I made people aware of their pain, rather than being ok with just hearing the religiously saying “I believe I am healed” to me and then I walk away.

When they admit their pain or sickness in their body, I saw God heal them right there as I shared Gods heart with them! Then they can be real about their healing as well, which was awesome.

Back to the soul. If we can take ownership of what is broken, then Christ can come heal. If our confidence is truly in Him always being the healer, then we can go to Him confidently with our broken pieces.

I want to add, not all ministries that focus on the soul getting free actually helps. Shortly after I read the book and started trusting God for healing, a person in ministry gave me a prophetic word regarding this broken piece in me and how God is turning it around, in so doing showing me the Healers plan. This was helpful. Another ministry person called out the broken piece in me and blamed a spirit for the trauma, then prayed for deliverance. This was not helpful, since it only highlighted the issue and the need for this persons ministry in order to be free. There was no ownership encouraged for what I needed healing from, instead it was just some other spirit or the devils fault who caused the brokenness(which means it can happen again).

I’m thankful that I was already walking out healing with God, so I knew what to do with the negative info about me.

Lastly, taking ownership has been great since I could tell my wife(who needs to live with me and everything I come with) that I found the issue and solution to things that has had a negative impact on her for 14 years.

Taking ownership is powerful, Christ was our example. He took ownership of our sin(because He had none) so there could be healing to receive His righteousness.

We don’t always realise, when we as Gods representatives don’t take ownership of the broken things in us, then the people around us who experience the outflow of what is in us will think it is God doing it to them through you. That is not representing Him well.

Take ownership, so God can give you your own freedom & healing.

 Your family will praise God with you.