HE is

There are some aspects of God that sounds contradictory, opposing almost. He is both strong, and tender. Passionate, yet patient. Active, but gentle. He is God, He is Father, He is brother, He is friend. I think, in my opinion, these are the very attributes that makes Him the champion of the inferior. He understands the fact that we are multidimensional, He created us so. Body, mind, spirit. We were created complex, made up of detailed facets, compounded by layers of being. He made us as He is. He is a multifaceted God. He knows us, and He understands us, and He loves us. We can be both convinced of His faithfulness while yearning to witness it manifested in a certain area. We can both love Him while approaching Him with years-old questions. We can serve Him while simultaneously questioning if He really did call us. He is not a God that is threatened by our questions. In fact, He welcomes them. He is the one who sits at the other end of your doubts with options, because they can coexist. He has such capacity, my friend, you can not scare Him away. Ask those questions. Go on, have your say. I dare you to listen as He answers, bringing opposing counsel to your anxiety, ushering peace to your troubles.

Just as there are seemingly contradictory facets of His being, just so there are complex commands in Scripture. Be wise as serpents, yet gentle as doves, labor for the kingdom, but be at rest, speak little but listen much (both active verbs, doing words, demands action), and statements such as He is both the lion and the lamb, He is a consuming fire, a mighty wind, and living water. He is all things, and in Him is all things. We cannot save anyone, He is judge and redeemer. Let us forget our interpretations of circumstances and people. Just love them. He is multifaceted God, inspirer of multifaceted instruction to very complex humans. We interpret differently at different stages of life. But the one thing we can all agree one, is He is a God of love. So allow your views to be directed by love that is selfless. Interpret His words always through a sense of belonging. You might be an underdog in your circle of friends, the black sheep in your family, the overlooked one in the workplace. But know this today, He is able to overthrow every table of religious gain in your life. He champions you from before eternity, enabling you to live now, securing your forever. Be loved, today. He is exactly who you need for where you are right now. He sees, He knows, He is.