He Does Differently

Read with me, “Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.” 1 Corinthians 1:25

The voice of truth will always tell you a story that challenges your preconceived ideas. This is usually uncomfortable. When the Holy Spirit sets a standard against the attacks of lies on our lives, our flesh tends to rebel. It is uncomfortable for the carnal mind to be challenged, once we have become set in a way of thinking, our emotions find a comfort in the default, even if the default response is not a healthy or beneficial one. It is in the comfort of routine response that we settle into a false sense of knowing. The carnal mind becomes appeased by having its own way.

The way to change an approach of self-gratification is to humble ourselves. When we allow Him time to speak, listen, pay attention and heed His voice, we start seeing how enslaved we are to our own desires and wants. It is common for Him to unction a laying down of self. If you want to become more, first become less. If you want to accomplish more, rest more often. If you desire to reach thousands, first love the One.

We have to be so careful to not ascribe to God characteristics derived from our experiences. It is easy to inherently assume God feels a certain way about things because we ourselves are immutably convinced of a certain reality. To not lean on wisdom of man, to not make Him small in our eyes, when we believe the lie that He is unable. When we respond to people, instead of mercy. When we need others to look like us before we are able to serve. When we need the church to represent Him before we respond to the call. Don’t be so sure you will fail. Don’t be so convinced that you won’t make it. Don’t trust what your logic translates as impossible. Because He is the One who surprises. He does differently.

His call opposes logic, often. His instruction defies best laid strategies. He is the God who when there are multitudes calls on your five loaves and fish. He is the One who utilises opposite thinking, when you have been labouring all night, your hope about abandoned, His logic instructs one more try, but approach from a different angle. He is the Father that lays on you a robe and a ring after you squandered time and inheritance. He is the Man who walks on the water you fear. He is the One who does things differently. He is the God who turns tides and flips tables. In Him life pushes up from dust and dirt. He orchestrates dry bones to take on flesh and dance full of vigor, alive again. When you pray for deliverance, He sets your table, placing you at the head in front of your enemies. When He says you will enlarge territory, He first sends you home. He does differently.

Let go, of your ideas and opinions. Let be, others, and yourself. Lay down the swords of words, the scathing opinions, the meticulous score keeping. Let Him have the first say. Let Him be Sovereign in your heart. His words reign, His opinions are supreme, and His love superior to any and all our agendas. Let Love win, every time. Let love lead you to do differently.