god is a bringer

Read with me, “Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am ready to perform My word.” Jeremiah 1:12

Sometimes I get stuck on a passage of Scripture for months. This time it is Jeremiah 1. Until I feel urged to move on, this is where I am leaning into what He is saying for now. I feel the heart of God beating for those suffering lack right now. I feel His urge to bring to remembrance the fact that HE is a good God. Jeremiah was afraid, he was afraid to speak because he was facing hardship and uncertainty. God keeps asking Jeremiah, “What do you see?” This is significant because what we behold and focus on becomes what we speak about. What do you see? What are you saying when you look at the situations in your life? Are you feeling inadequate, like Jeremiah. Jeremiah goes on to tell God that he cannot speak, and God responds with these simple words, “ Do not say ‘but’…” It is imperative in this time that we confess the truth of what He has instilled inside of us. This back and forth between God and Jeremiah makes this passage such a prophetically insightful and activating passage. There is a beautiful junction of man’s insufficiency with God’s provision. I love how God allays Jeremiah’s fear with the fact that He is ready to act. Ps 46 says He is a ready help in times of trouble. I don’t know about you, but 2020 and onward has proven troublesome in many ways. Never have we needed to hold on to the word and person of God more than now. I want to draw your attention to one of the characteristics of God, one of the spectacularly beautiful facets of His nature; He isn’t just a doer, but God is a giver – a bringer. All throughout Scripture there are many instances that testify of how He brought what was needed to man. Think about the very beginning. God made everything that man could possibly need to survive before He ever made man. There was not a moment in time where Adam and Eve didn’t have what they needed to live. They did not know lack in His perfect provision. This included food, love, sustenance, shelter, company and fellowship. God provided for them, before they needed, not because they asked, but because He is good. He even provided these elements for the animals before they were created. We know according to Matt 6 He takes care of the birds and feeds them. He knows what we need. He is aware and involved in the details of what sustains life. He cares. He brought food to Elijah, and a ram for sacrifice to Abraham on the mountain which resulted in a geographical landmark being named “The Lord will provide.” Amazing! He is the God that invented food delivery service, via Ravens, nonetheless. He is the God that made bread rain from the sky when the Israelite’s food from their season of bondage had run out. He was in the details, He provided new bread. He is the God that speaks to His children not through manipulating methods of withholding, but through abundance. Lack is not a tool in His arsenal He wields to ascertain our submission. No, He is the God who provides. In 1 Corinthians 10:13 we see He even provides a way of escape when we are facing temptation. He brings the outcome, He brings the breakthrough, He brings the provision, He brings life, He brings the answer. Matthew 27 paints such a beautiful picture of Jesus’ heart when it comes to money. Upon arriving in Capernaum, the tax collector asked Peter whether Jesus was going to pay his taxes or not. Jesus told Peter they will pay their taxes in order not to offend. He then instructs Peter to look in the mouth of the first fish he catches, there he would find money to pay the tax. Jesus provided a way of escape out of offence, out of insult, out of shame, by providing money in an extraordinary way.

If He said He will provide, He surely will. If you are on the mountain having to sacrifice part of your life, He will provide. If you are struggling to make ends meet, He said He will provide. He is watching over His word to perform it. What He said, He will do. When looking at your circumstances, take care to see well, take care to see what He sees. Just as He said to Jeremiah, so He says to us, He is watching over His word to perform it. Speak His word over your situation today. Claim victory, proclaim the goodness of God. Remind yourself of His faithfulness. We overcome by the word of our testimony, so speak life to the situation that are dire.

Pray with me, “Thank you Father for being generous, for reminding us that You are with us and willing to help us. I pray today for the Spirit to guard my words, help me speak only what You say. I trust Your heart, Your intentions, and Your perspective.”