God has boundaries

Boundaries, simply put are limits you set up around you to for yourself and other people. There are healthy type of boundaries & unhealthy ones. I’d like to talk about the healthy ones since we are in Christ & believe on loving one another. We are not people who are in life just for ourselves and what we can get, our needs being met comes from God, not people or circumstances being in our favour, even though God does give us favour with people and blesses our circumstances too.

God also has boundaries. We know this from looking at the covenant relationships between God and man through the Bible. Without going into too many details we know that through every covenant there were rules made or promises. Every covenant was different, some would be based on promises and not rules like that of Abram and then another would be mainly rules like the covenant with Moses. I want to refer to the covenant of Moses as that shows us what huge boundaries look like & especially since Israel chose to have it this way.

Since it was a covenant that had so much rules & boundaries, it would show how easy people would break them & push them. This showed us if we had to comply with Gods boundaries & our own, what they would look like & what we would look like through Gods eyes.

Through the Old Testament we see God gets angry because people push the boundaries without thinking twice and then there are others who believed God and found favour in His sight. If I could say it in a different way, it’s like they listened to Him and were very considerate of who He is. This is relationship. You will always find favour by being considerate of someone’s heart even though you aren’t good with keeping the rules.

Somehow being considerate helps you understand the boundaries of another person. But God sends His Son who has the greatest consideration and understanding of His Fathers boundaries and walks in perfect relationship with Him and Jesus Christ makes a covenant with His Father. Now He invites us to be in Him so we look just like Jesus when the Father looks at us!

This doesn’t mean we become perfect law keepers, this means He comes into us & we are in Him and as we grow in Him we start seeing what the Father sees us as now and we grow in our understanding of who He is so we can become more like Him, because the new covenant boundaries only draw us closer.

So in our new covenant we have the healthiest boundary ever! Jesus! It only takes believing to have this boundary count to your absolute benefit & to His, since He gains a son or daughter who can be in relationship with Him. He doesn’t become angry now that the new covenant is established since you look like Jesus to Him. He will not force His boundaries on you, that’s why it remains healthy.

Even if someone rejects God, His boundaries toward that person is still open and healthy, the one doing the rejecting would be the one with unhealthy boundaries. Like I said, He will not force you. He loves you and invites you to be a son & daughter, accept Him as He accepts you, learn His heart toward you. Let your unhealthy boundaries go and accept the best One from Him, His name is Jesus. He made you & you were made for love, His love.

Any other love or acceptance should not affect your life except build you and grow you more in His love. You can depend on Him; let Him meet your need. We do something with His love though, since we abide in His Boundary, we give love away. We don’t take responsibility for other people’s unhealthy boundaries or insecurities. We live first for His kingdom & that is our priority, areas where we do not have influence, we need to move out of those, otherwise we step out of His Boundary which is Christ & we try be someone’s saviour. Even Christ who is the Saviour set Himself to be a healthy boundary for people to accept & find the Life that is in Him only or… keep their own boundaries that lead them on their own path void of life.

In His word, He has life for you, it is not a rulebook or a love letter, it’s all about relationship & you can learn from it to know the Fathers heart, never forget the Boundary(Jesus) when reading the word, otherwise you can read it with your own unhealthy boundaries and miss the life He has for you.

Thankx for reading. Bless You

Carlo Merrick
Carlo Merrick