Encounter Him

Read with me,“When the Lord saw that he turned away [from the flock] to look, God called to him from the midst of the bush and said, “Moses, Moses!” And he said, “Here I am.”’ Exodus 3:4

The dictionary defines an encounter to be suddenly faced with someone. I like comparing an encounter to walking into a wall. Anyone who is a bit clumsy will understand the feeling of walls and furniture walking ‘in front of you.’ There you are walking, going about your daily life when suddenly the desk stood still in front of you. Not just me, right? This is in simple terms the concept of an encounter. A sudden running into that removes your attention from  where you think you were going. Something similar happened to Moses, except it wasn’t furniture but a fire. I don’t know about you but I have never investigated the object I  clumsily walk into, but I have certainly glared at it. Let’s see what Moses thought of the interruption.

Moses was tending sheep for his father in law when all of a sudden there was a fire inside of a bush on the side of the mountain. The fire did not consume the bush. Moses said to himself, let me turn away from what I am busy with and look at the bush. Verse four says when God saw that Moses had turned away from the flock, God called him by his name, ‘Moses, Moses.’ How significant is it that Moses in his own heart first turned away from his everyday doings and goings, and turned his face towards where God was operating. An encounter necessitates a response. An encounter catalyses an action. Our response to what God is doing is significant. Whether we opt to turn our focus to the fire is determinate of our direction.

The funny thing about walking into a wall or table or fire is that there is an immediate situational awareness that takes place. Walking into a wall makes you adequately aware of your and the wall’s geographical placement. When I bump into you, I am suddenly keenly aware of where you are in relation to me. This is the purpose of a God encounter. He encounters us to make us aware of where He is and what He is busy with. An encounter also makes us aware of how we relate to where He is and what He is busy with. We then have the opportunity to step aside and carry on as we were, or lean into the encounter and see Him. God, upon seeing Moses look, spoke. Only when He saw Moses turn and look at the fire did He speak. When we intentionally turn our eyes away from being busy and look into what God is busy with, we encounter His voice and find direction, purpose, and kingdom directives.

His fire burns for others to see, His fire burns as a beacon calling your attention away from your everyday busyness. Respond to Him. Lean into the direction the fire burns. Do not be afraid to distance your heart from your tasks to sit and talk to Him. Curiosity will find you in His presence.