Church with trauma.

Have you ever wondered why many Christians ignore natural consequences or limitations as much and as long as they can while they sit and wait?

Usually declaring God or His grace as the solution?We don’t realise that it is a trauma response to we are having to laws. I’m not just talking about Old testament laws here, although many people might use them in this context anyways, but the law I speak of is the law of limitation or consequence.

Christians have been fighting laws for a while now, and to the point where universalism even gets embraced(since it would be a limitation that all people can’t be saved, so we put in on God to save everyone automatically).

We avoid taking responsibility for our life because we feel like it is punishment instead of a privilege. If we take responsibility then we have to deal with the fact that we might fail and others around us might fail as well. This especially is the reason why so many have been disappointed and hurt as believers, because they thought God is just going to give them a new car, house, friends and a joyful life while they do nothing.

Praying and doing nothing = prayer without faith . The book of James says the “faith without works is dead. Prayer is powerful, especially in the heart and mouth of one who lives out what he/she prays. God does supply, provide, strengthen, heals and restores. But not at the cost of what He has called you to.

For example : If anyone gives me a ferrari now, I would not be able to get new tires or service the car. So God is inviting me to become the person who can own a ferrari, which means I am then able to maintain it. That all being said, do I believe God can miraculously give us what we pray for? Yes, but…It would be an invitation to become what He has called you to be, not just get what you need or want.

Ultimately God wants you to let Him heal you inside, enable you to take responsibility for what He has called you for(law of freedom), instead of just trying to not miss it for fear of punishment(law of sin and death).God didn’t come to just save you from the world, but to be with you(Him in you and you in Him).

He is our Source of life, so then FROM Him we grow and bring the kingdom through our life lived, but we still have to live it!In James chapter 1 it talks about a man looking in the mirror seeing his natural face(own ability), then walks away and forgets what he looked like, but then it says that the man who looks into the law of freedom and perseveres will be blessed in all his doing.

It means You have a new perspective on doing(working). You don’t just “have to do” things based on the law of sin and death, but you “do” things based on the law that says you are free. You have the privilege of changing your perspective today. Invite the Holy Spirit to show you the things that scare you, so He can fill those areas as you face each fear with Him.

It is time to be brave in heart, going places you might have been avoiding in your heart. It will be worth going with Him, because He wants you to be blessed in all your doing.I have seen people tell me “they are fine, they already believe” when I wanted to pray for their healing, then after pressing them on what they are really experiencing they told me they still have pain. So I then laid hands and as the pain left, they would be surprised and even asked how I did it.

This shows me we have made up religious language to cover our fear and trauma of failing.We make it about getting healed or not, but God wants to deal with why we are saying things to cover our unbelieving heart. He wants us to believe Him, see with a new perspective and also be real with what we are facing in order to actually deal with it so that true healing, salvation and provision can come.