Being ok and shame free.

When we focus on what not to do and disqualifying people for not doing what is right, we are not helping people be authentic. Even scripture gives us the concept to be hot or cold, worst thing is to be lukewarm.

Lukewarm is the place of lying to yourself and others about the state of being you are in.

Also when we try “do” right, speak right, dress right, eat right out of a place of lack within ourselves then we are operating via shame. This is not a life giving or transforming force. But instead it is a tormenting state where you have to suffer in order to appear to be ok. If you want to be more or be better, it shows that you have had at least a glimpse of Gods idea for you, since you are made in His image.

Start with being ok now. Whether you are spiritually cold or hot. Be ok, you are enough. If you can let God love you, you will turn hot, because He can warm you with His love. From this place, doing the “right” things is part of who you are, not dead works to try quiet the shame of falling short.

We all fell short, but then Jesus came. Feeling all the shortcomings of man within His body. He understands, it’s ok. Hebrews tells us we have a High priest that sympathises with us in our shortcomings.

He is our reason to heal. Forget the people’s opinions who just tells you to what you are not. Be ok with you, because Jesus saw the present you and died for you. Also what He died for has released the potential for you to walk in more than you ever have before.

Be ok and heal.

We tend to say : I need to get back on the straight and narrow. In another way we are saying we need to get our act together. God doesn’t desire for you to “act” like you love Him or act like you are a saint. The straight and narrow is Jesus! Not the things you say and do or don’t. It is from a place of being with Him that you do His works.

It is from a place of healing that do the works, it is a priviledge. Religion has put a veil of shame over doing godly works or the lack thereof. He knocks at your door, if you let Consuming Fire Himself in, you will burn with Him.πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯ See less